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We believe that human creativity and open-mindedness is the direction that will move us to the point of singularity. The Inii Way means "...In Intelligent Interaction..." - that is, reflection and mutual support. This is what we support in our venture studio.
Founders of Venture Studio

Current Portfolio

Cloud-based encrypted document storage with a digital timestamping tool on blockchain technology; incl. manufacturing batch certification and merging, VDR solution for legal businesses.

Technology for audiovisual content and licensing management and delivery with protection by invisible and inaudible watermarks and patent-protected Artinii Cinema Player technology.

World’s only marketplace for ordering and licensing for one-time public screening licenses. It enables dramaturgy, playlisting, and composed evenings, allowing anyone to screen and share their favorite films with communities they build.

| The Inii Way |

Company statement

The Media & Entertainment industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by new consumer habits, technological advancements, and competitive challenges. This creates unprecedented opportunities to provide new solutions for the entire industry.

The Inii Way is a specialized Venture Studio that propels the digital transformation of the Media & Entertainment industry. The company accomplishes this by building and investing in synergistic portfolio of companies and solutions that tackle specific challenges within the interconnected global Media & Entertainment sector, which commands over $2 trillion in aggregate annual revenues.

Why | The Inii Way |

The Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is undergoing rapid change due to shifts in consumer behavior and the impact of technology. Every player in the industry, whether it's a Hollywood or Bollywood studio, production company, cinema operator, broadcaster, or any other participant, is being affected across all aspects of their business operations.

The Inii Way is the only specialized Media & Entertainment Digital Transformation Platform that employs a multi-strategy model to address the needs of both major and minor players in this rapidly evolving segment.

M&E Industry Ecosystem

Total global Media & Entertainment revenues across all segments

TIW has identified key focus areas within M&E segments, where it is actively building solutions.

| TIW | Founding team

TIW is built upon a vast degree of experience in innovating within the M&E industry

Ondřej Polák

Managing Director & Co-Founder
People, technology and innovation sustainably side by side.

Ctirad Hemelík

Co-Founder & CEO
Evolution is the collective work of social paradigm change.

Vladimír Kuba

Managing big things means understanding the detail and be aware of the interconnectedness of systems.

Vít Krajíček

Technology is what moves us towards a sustainable future. Data is what shows us the way.

The existing projects have been developed with strong support and investment from SEBRE.

| TIW | Global Advisors

Brian Newman

CEO of Sub-Genre, a major consultancy for brands working in entertainment, the former CEO of the Tribeca FIlm Institute.

Ted Hope

Independent film producer, former head of production for Amazon Original Movies.

Sara Polak

Tech archaeologist, author of ‘Memestories’ book, Forbes 30 under 30, history & meme addict, Cloud Civilizations concept author, Monty Python enthisiast.

Karol Martesko - Fenster

Media entrepreneur with broad motion picture, digital, broadcast, and publishing backgrounds. Abramorama CEO / Co-Chairman, Founder & MD - Thought Engine Strategic Advisory, Co-Founder Cinelan, Filmmaker Magazine and IndieWire.

Jan Čep

Investor and commercial diplomat in health, education and culture, cinema owner.

Petr Stránský

Experienced entrepreneur & Strategist with a track record spanning 25+ years in driving tech and tech-enabled company launches and growth, achieving a few exits, several International M&A, and corporate digital transformation projects under the belt.

| TIW | Stats in a Snapshot

Pooled stats of existing projects, products and services.

Solutions crafted by TIW, along with its products and services, are daily essentials for leading companies in the M&E industry worldwide.

The core technologies developed by TIW are protected by patents.

| TIW | Multi Layered Strategy

TIW employs a multi-layered strategy to build its portfolio and deliver value to its ecosystem, fostering revenue growth, providing customer solutions, and facilitating rapid expansion.

Corporate Innovation

Creating customized technology solutions for corporate clients across the M&E industry to drive new innovations, which can be spun into new ventures.


A complementary strategy to Internal Venture Development, identifying best-of-breed external innovation companies to bring them into the TIW ecosystem.

Internal Venture Development

The core TIW strategy involves creating key innovative solutions through its unique venture development process.

Eco-System Financing Solutions

The TIW ecosystem generates opportunities for hybrid financing strategies, expanding revenues and returns for the TIW ecosystem.

| TIW | Investment strategy in detail

TIW Ventures' investment strategy aims to maximize opportunities within the M&E digital transformation sector, with a primary focus on solutions that bring operational efficiencies to the industry. Each venture considered by TIW Ventures is evaluated not only for its standalone potential but also in terms of its synergistic revenue contribution to existing ventures and the overall value of the TIW ecosystem.

| TIW | Internal Ventures Building

| TIW | Key Elements of Success

Building new solutions of any kind always involves associated risks. TIW systematically mitigates risk factors by applying best practices in venture building and employing specific strategies tailored to the M&E industry. TIW's main imperative is capital efficiency and a rigorous venture development process that prevents costly product and market-building activities without customer and revenue generation.

Expert Core Team shared across the initial stages to minimize costs
Top R&D team for initial stages to avoid engineering hiring issues
Direct access to a key customer base to speed up adoption
Rigorous Validation & Product-Market-Fit Process

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