Current Portfolio - General Information

  • is a one-stop B2B platform for rights holders and film professionals with tools to secure digital distribution of their AV content to cinemas or any non-theatrical venues. It helps content owners to control their IP and generate additional revenues globally with minimal cost.
  • The solution for a key revenue stream for content owners is the only solution in the market enabling safe offline play-out of films or any other protected audio-visual content with the control of a number of plays and therefore key revenues for content owners.
  • Scalable SaaS solution’s technology is fully scalable as it does not require any specific infrastructure or devices, and its cloud-centric architecture therefore does not require local deployments or installations. - Traction

Our technology is approved to screen content from Sony, Disney, 20th Century Studios. Their films are already offered on our technology.

Current business partners worldwide:

  • South Asia
    An important region to partner with is India, where we onboard Bollywood's producers; we also work with partners in Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines.
  • North America
    The North American partner arranges onboarding of the largest non-theatrical operators
  • UK and Ireland
    Strong connection with FilmBankMedia, global non-theatrical provider; our Irish partneris a local numberone in shippingfilms to small cinemas.
  • Czechia, Nigeria
    Regions where AIP has become the dominant solution alongside the DCP standard; FilmOne is the largest distributor in Nigeria.

CAW - General Information

  • is a worldwide digital distribution solution and digital marketplace enabling access to films and other video content for any public screenings
  • CAW creates a new revenue stream opportunities for venues and content providers.
  • It turns any location into an impromptu cinema.
  • CAW enables various public and event venues to incorporate films into their visitors' experiences.
  • This approach allows to foster a sense of community and shared experience among viewers

CAW - Traction

  • 500+ screenings have already taken place.
  • Since September 2022, the platform has accumulated a library of over 500 films in just one year.
  • Collaborations with major content providers like Filmbankmedia, Abramorama, Passion River, Capital Motion Picture and more.
  • In our first year of operation, we were granted the right to offer US studio films to 3 countries (Czechia, SK and Nigeria) in our second year we expanded our partnership to 4 more countries (India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines).

CAW - Next Steps

  • Showcase-based B2B campaigning for clients acquisition focused on non-theatrical venues and event organizers.
  • Creating joint-interest-based communities (i.e. expats) to expand markets and user-base.
  • Simplifying the distribution and delivery UX - one-stop shop for public screening organizers; incl. solution for fulfilling local collecting authorities demands.
  • We currently service local partners across EMEA, Africa, and South-East Asia with the ability to request films on-demand or through a pre-approved order basis.
  • Continuous film content acquisition through partners. – General information

  • (MYT) combines encrypted cloud storage with blockchain-based notarization (timestamp).
  • It enables certifying data possession by an individual or a machine at a specific time.
  • MYT main business model is B2B2B offering partners white-label solution for their specific use-cases.
  • Its API for example allows for batch production certification on manufacturing machines, recording product life-cycle data, as well as verifying real-world events through uploaded images.
  • Internal structure allows large scaling and gives the possibility of a self-hosted solution and independence from the storage and the the blockchain provider. – Traction

  • MYT is daily used via API as a digital notary for
  • Dedicated app for Konica Minolta office hardware (scanners).
  • MYT already has its own productization for the CEE region - This localized version with the was developed with the leading law firm in Czechia, Havel & Partners.
  • Independence from the storage and the the blockchain provider - MYT can now switch cloud and blockchain in a matter of minutes. – Traction

  • PoC integration with academic and educational platforms not only by simplifying the credit system based on electronic KYC through ISIC/ITIC (international student / teacher identification card).

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