Our Values

A venture studio, or startup studio, is a form of business support and development. It is an organization that creates and develops its own startups based on its own ideas and experience. 


Life is already complicated enough, so we create solutions that simplify people's lives.


We act in a transparent and trustworthy manner that earns the respect of colleagues, customers, and the public alike.


We achieve our goals when we all work together.

A Promise to our Customers

We create solutions that will save customer's time and make handling day to day business easier.


Our technology maintains the highest security standards.

At Inii Way Venture Studio, we also believe in creating a world where everyone is adequately compensated for the use of their ideas by others. We strive to build a fair and equitable system that rewards innovation and fosters creativity, encouraging entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and make a meaningful impact.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of historical experience and morality as the building blocks of a better future. By learning from our own mistakes and embracing ethical principles, we can create a society that values progress and social responsibility. Inii Way Venture Studio is committed to supporting start-ups that share our values and work towards creating a brighter and more equitable future for all.

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